Hotel Access

Hotel Access

There are so many way that you could come to the hotel Let's find out what is the easiest way for you.

1. By WALKING is take about 800 meters 15-20 min for people to like to walk and bear to walk in the warm weather. However this way is easiest for the guest who don't carry the luggage because you have to get down from stair

2. Take taxi is very convenience and suitable for the guest who have big luggage or with small kids. However, it takes long U- turn as the sky train is in construction. And some taxi might over charge you because of too short distance. To be save , please call taxi that was arrange by the airport( the airport charge 50 THB additional from meter). It will cost you around 120-200 depend on the traffic

3. Take short walk with Taking Taxi or Public Motorcycle , this I can say the combination way between option 1 and 2. You can follow the walking direction until you get down from the stair ( Stay in front of Amari Hotel ) then call the taxi or public motor cycle to "Soi Saranakhom 3" "DON MUANG HOTEL" . This way you could save some of money because the taxi doesn't have to take the long U-Turn. Taxi should cause you less than 50 THB. If you take public motorcycle should cost you 20-30 THB

From the airport, please go to terminal 1 gate 6. You will see a lift, which will take you to Amari Donmuang Hotel . Take that lift to 2nd floor.

Then; cross the bridge that connect between the airport and hotel. When you see the bus stop sign, walk through the door, and turn left (don't get down to stair).

Keep walking straight until end of the bridge.

Then; walk down from the stair. If you are heading the right way, you will stay at mini bus stop in front of Amari Donmuang Hotel.

You will see "Choet Wuttakat road", Keep Going straight , you will pass Don Muang Temple Elementary School. keep walking straight for 200 meters


turn left at the corner of "Donmuang Temple". Now you are at "Songprapa road", keep walking straight for 400 meters,




turn right to the 1st T-junction into "Saranakhom road" - hint: If you already see a foot-bridge, it means you already passed T-junction.(The road is between "JW condo" and "Chareon eyes-ware shop").


Keep walking for 100 meters ,

turn left on Sarakhom 3 Alley. The 1st orange building on your right hand side "DON MUANG HOTEL"